Following the Bora Wind… – A very special walking tour

intervista alla guida della bora trieste molo audace sabina viezzoli trekking urbano

Explore the heart of Trieste and follow the traces of the Bora wind in the old town.

An unusual way to know the soul of the city and all the curiosities about its famous wild gusts.

Nature, history and stories about daily life in a windy city!


Where we’ll go: Piazza Unità, Molo Audace and the waterfront (Rive), Canale Ponterosso, San Giusto, Città Vecchia (old town)

What you’ll discover: the hidden signs and traces left by Bora, how local people face it, curiosities and facts about this natural phenomenon…


Duration: 2 hours
When: upon request, all year long

For small groups only – max 10 participants.
Fee: 150 euro up to 3 participants / 200 euros from 4 to 10 participants

Want to know more or book your Bora discovery tour?
write me now: info@guidabora.it
I will be happy to answer you!


Would you like to know more about Trieste and the Bora wind?

wind podcast far flung TED vento bora di trieste sabina viezzoli 21 luglio july 2022
“Anxious? Blame the winds!”
Listen to “La Guida della Bora” telling you about the wind in Trieste in this episode of “Far Flung”, the podcast by TED with Saleem Reshamwala:



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“I am not the first to associate the city with nowhereness. The Viennese playwright Hermann Bahr, arriving there in 1909, said he felt as though he was suspended in unreality, as if he were ‘nowhere at all’. Trieste is a highly subjective sort of place, and often inspires such fancies. People who have never been there generally don’t know where it is. Visitors tend to leave it puzzled, and when they get home, remember it with a vague sense of mystery, something they can’t put a finger on. Those who know it better often seem to see it figuratively, not just as a city but as an idea of a city…”
Jan Morris,  Trieste and the Meaning of Nowhere

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