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Bora Trieste

The Adriatics most famous wind can be reliably experienced in the citys Marina.



This little-known region may have Italy’s best wines

In Friuli Venezia Giulia, white wine is the specialty. But there’s much more to this region bordering Austria, Slovenia, and the Adriatic Sea.

Robert Draper, May 24 2021, National Geographic


Italys forgotten city, with all the beauty of Venice but none of the crowds

Italy is opening up, but savvy city breakers would do well to skip the City of Masks in favour of its oft-overlooked neighbour


36 Hours in Trieste, Italy

A distinctive Adriatic experience awaits in this Old World city, with its broad, breezy plazas, coffeehouses and cozy seafood restaurants

By SETH SHERWOOD AUG. 29, 2017, The New York Times

10 of the world’s unsung places